Monday, February 13, 2012

ReasonFest, Mohawks and Being Cute

I have to say it. ReasonFest was an overall success. We had great attendance both days,  the attendees seemed generally happy, and we even had a protestor barge in during a talk to shout "This is an abomination!"

Now I'm exhausted and ill, but it was all worth it.

I know I had promised to update about my "February Firsts" experiences, but to be quite honest, ReasonFest took over my life when February began, and I just haven't been able to follow through. I think, though, this weekend was so full of new experiences that it should make up for it a little.

New Experience #1 - MCing and running a big event.
     In high school, I was an officer of the drama club and got to help run our annual forensics tournament for a couple years. This was quite the experience. I was constantly running around the building, making sure there were judges and time keepers in the rooms, and helping tally all the scores. That is the closest I have been to running something like ReasonFest. I was nervous before it began, and I was running around making sure all the speakers and volunteers were happy and knew what was going on. It was a crazy weekend, but I really enjoyed it.

New Experience #2 - My hair.
     As promised, I got that mohawk.

Aww yeah. The mohawk that was worth $1,000. I was nervous as the razor first went through my hair. The audience was really supportive, and afterward I was told over and over again that I just had to keep my hair this way, but I doubt I will. I think it'll stay around for about a week, and then I'll buzz it off. It has been fun, though. I never would have done this had it not been for this fundraiser, and hey, now I know what I look like with a mohawk.

New Experience #3 - Mohawk Kisses, Oreo Dates, and Pizza!
     Get ready to vomit from the cute. While I was getting my hair cut, an audience member asked JT how much it would cost to have him get a mohawk as well. He said $500 thinking it wouldn't happen. Well...It happened.

He raised $500 for SOMA on the spot, and now we match!

As soon as we got back to my apartment, we put on pajamas and ordered pizza.  There's a really good local pizza place in Lawrence (Rudy's - so good!) and when we looked at their site, we noticed all the different toppings they had. We decided to experiment. Half of our pizza was chicken and shrimp; the other half had pineapple and cashews. It was amazing.
This morning, with both of us being sick, we laid around in our pjs all day until I had to take him to the airport. We had cold pizza and oreos, and were all around lazy sloths. It was a great day. I'm including this as a new experience because I've never had oreos for breakfast. Sometimes you need a break from the busy world; I'm glad I can have days with JT where we can just hold hands, eat oreos and enjoy each other's company. We don't get that a lot because we're far away, but when we do I love every minute.

Now It's back to class. I stayed at home today and lazed around with JT . Hopefully I'll be back to feeling good tomorrow.

If you attended ReasonFest, THANK YOU! It grew so much in just a year, and next year we promise to make it even better.

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  1. Michaelyn: ReasonFest was awesome as were you. Congratulations on an amazing job.